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One of the best things about Culligan is that you can call them 24/7 with any problem that you may have and if you are like me, and would rather rent than own units, they have very fair prices on their rentals and they service their equipment to keep everything running safely and without issue. We live in an area with terrible water that smells of bleach and is usually a nice shade of tawny brown. We struggled with this for years, contacted the city, changed our water lines coming into the house, changed many pipes within the home, tried other filters that were difficult for me to manage, and attended many city meetings about the water quality in our area but Culligan fixed all that for us. I have never once, since installing the unit with Culligan, have had brown water and this is even when there was a water leak in our area. My neighbors have had brown water many times however. I like that they offer great pricing on water coolers, which we also have rented from them, and have great pricing on bottled water which we just started to purchase for our travels. They show up on time, they bill correctly, they bring my order on time, and they listen to my needs and wants. If you live in an area like I do, where you have to pay to clean the water better than the city does, then don't do it on your own when this company offers excellent service and their fees are incredibly reasonable.
Culligan Customer
R King
- Culligan Customer